Used Bassoons for Sale

I receive many calls for quality used Bassoons and Bocals.  If you wish to allow me to handle your instrument on consignment, please contact me.

Fox Renard Model 240 #33228
Immaculate condition. Ready to play.
Asking $7,500.
Heckel #5602 
High D key. Standard rollers. 
In beautiful condition. 
Heckel CD #3 bocal.
Asking $18,000
FOX RENARD Model 220
Incredible condition.
Like new.
Asking $8,500.
Yamaha Custom #2099
High D/E. Thumb F# roller. Played professionally. SOLD!
Heckel #6398
In wonderful condition. One Heckel bocal. Thumb F# roller High E key. Pretty Sound!
Heckel #9328
Fantastic Bassoon. Wonderful sound. Great Condition. Asking $38,000. SOLD!

Inquire about my many pre-owned Heckel bocals for sale.